Sunday, December 9, 2012


Noah and I were talking on the way home from some errands we ran after church today.  No particular, deep conversation or anything but he reminded me of something I know already, but need to hear sometimes.

Ayden Jane was in the back and was lobbying for it to be never-take-a-nap day.  (she lobbies for this most days!)  She is close to being ready to give up the nap, but she just functions much better with it and, oddly, without the nap asks for food because she is tired.  It is just not a battle I enjoy so....

As a part of this debate I said that it would be nap time when we got home, but it was so pretty out that maybe she could skip the nap and play outside for a bit.  Ayden Jane responded by asking me if I'd like to play on the trampoline with her.  Hmmm.  Like to play on the trampoline with her.  Truth is, I would like for her to play on the trampoline while I got a few things done inside.  Then my mind jumps to some therapy things we are working on that we need to do on the trampoline.

I said something to Noah about not really feeling like playing with her blah, blah, blah... Then I asked him if he remembered all the hours he and I played basketball, threw footballs, kicked soccer balls...  with him.  He said he did.  I remembered it being so much fun.  Just silly, no goals to meet, no point to it, fun.  I confessed that I wished that at times I could turn off the inner therapist that I have developed and stop thinking about what muscles we are working or the position of her leg or if we played long enough ...  I would guess that the 10 to 12 years that have gone by since our one on one days in the driveway have made me a bit less enthusiastic.  (Yes, I am old... well for the parent of a 5 yr. old anyway)

Noah's response?  Something like, she is five and doing great.  You better just have fun with her now.  


  1. So true. I know that Dean has a lot of challenges, but all things considered, he's doing well and I have to remind myself that he's THREE! He's a kid. I need to let him be a kid and not have to be a therapist all the time. Hooray for others who can snap us out of our usual mindset. :)

  2. Sounds like Noah is one smart kid :)

    So, did you jump? ;)