Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas List

Ayden Jane is really enjoying the excitement of Christmas coming.  She is not driving us too crazy, but is just like any other 5 year old with no schedule, a house full of craziness and Christmas on the horizon.  Yikes!

Mckenna sat with Ayden Jane and they worked on her Christmas list.  Mostly because all Mom could come up with were great therapy ideas!  Here are her top 3.  Big kid roller skates.  Hmmm.  She still has no confidence on the plastic 4 wheel kiddie skates and she wants inline skates like the other kids.  Santa will comply, but I am thinking we will spend a lot more time putting them on and taking them off then anything else...

Next?  A real giraffe.  Yep, you read that right.  A REAL giraffe.  It will be too big for her bed but can fit in mine...  Well, at least until we build it a fence in the back yard.  Ummm.  We have been talking it down so hoping that we will have her backed off to a stuffed on by the big day because that's whats coming!

On the stuffed animal note I have say, it was ridiculous how hard it was to find stuffed animals.  I could find cute baby ones in the infant section, but that was it.  I was the proud owner of a stuffed animal collection and all my kids had a few.  Well, except Mckenna who has a TON.  Anyway, they are just not carried around here anymore.  I remember when I went in Toys R Us and there was a huge wall of them.  Now, a small corner with few.  Of course the electronics section is enormous....  It all just struck me as sort of sad.  There is a small toy shop that still carries lots of them.  It is a long drive but I found the giraffe and was sure to tell them they saved my day.

As for Gary and I, our Christmas list was made yesterday and not by us.  Sewer pipe clean out by the plumber, a new oven (being blessed with a used one) and new brakes and assorted car repairs.  All decided we needed them yesterday.

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