Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Hope It Lasts

Ayden Jane considers herself as typical as the next kid.  That is awesome.  In fact, if you ask her, she will tell you that she is the fastest, smartest,... 5 year old there ever was. (she may have been told a few to many times how awesome she is)  That being said, she is sometimes a bit curious as to why she sees so many doctors and has Mrs. Jen, Mrs Stella, Mrs. Rogers and horses.  Then of course there is the whole food thing.

I don't hide discussion of Prader Willi Syndrome around her.  We talk pretty openly about it in our house, but she has not made the connection to herself.  It has been interesting to watch/listen to her sort things out.  Lately she has talked about how many doctors she has.  In the end she said, "Mom, I suuuure have a lot of doctors.  I must be super complicated."  So far she thinks it's pretty awesome to be complicated.  I hope that lasts.

Mostly, we just don't make a big deal out of all the stuff she has to do.  We sort of talk about it like all the appointments are just things on the calendar like basketball games, soccer games, music performances... Ayden Jane talks about her therapists by name like the other kids talk about their coaches ect.  Sometimes when our family is visiting with another, it probably sounds a little odd that it is all so casual but it works for us and Ayden Jane.

I love that AJ does not think of herself as having a syndrome or medical issue...  She is a 5 year old kid that has an important job to do:  Grow big and strong, learn all she can and have fun.  She knows she needs a little help from these people that love her and she leaves it at that.  Oh how I hope she can keep that attitude for a very long time.

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