Friday, January 11, 2013

Ayden Jane and Angels

Ayden Jane was talking in the car... as usual.  She told me about when she was born.  She said that God was there when she was born and He had an angel keep her safe a while until the sun came up.  Then He gave her to us because she needed a family to live with.  That is only a small line in the story, but as she told the story, got lost, retold... that part never changed.

It sort of give me chills.  The tone of her voice, the authority she spoke with as she said it...  She said, "it's a real story Mom.  God took care of everything."

So, what is the story of her birth as I remember it?  I was induced, but things progressed slowly.  The monitors nearly sent us in for a C-section a couple of times, but Ayden Jane always bounced back strong.  In the end she was born in the evening.

The next day she proved to get weaker, not stronger.  To me it was like she was fading away.  She was tested for sepsis and put on IV that afternoon.  That night as I slept, Ayden Jane began to crash.  She was nearly life flighted out to MUSC, but she fought hard and became stable enough to get through the night and was sent by ambulance the next morning.  Gary had been on the phone with the nurse who took care of her that night.  She was an experienced NICU nurse (Jen), although the hospital she was in had no NICU.  Jen made an angel with Ayden written on it it and put it up over her 'bed'.  When I woke up and stumbled in to check on AJ at some crazy hour I saw it.  We had intended to spell her name Aidyn and were still debating whether her middle name would be Claire or Jane.  The goal was to just make it through the night and then we could be transferred to MUSC and get the help we needed.

The next morning everything was a rush to get me discharged and AJ's paper work, including name done so we could be go to MUSC.  Gary and I just knew as we were asked how to spell her name that after Jen and her angel had spent the night with AJ that we had to spell it Ayden.  As for the middle name?  Jane means God is gracious or God's gracious gift.... now the obvious choice!

So, she was with God when she was born then He had his angel keep her safe until the sun came up.  Yep.  To me that says God was with her through the really tough long birth.  He had His angel stay with her and keep her safe all the way through the night we nearly lost her until the sun came up the day we could be transferred to MUSC.  Then God gave her to us...

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