Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Bye Christmas Break

Christmas break is officially over tomorrow.  It has been a great, laid back time.  We really did not do much other than hang around, go to playgrounds and let the kids all breathe.  There was a pretty good balance between seeing friends they wanted to see and spending time as a family.  I let the house go.... (to the point where I am actually excited to clean this week!)

Ayden Jane even became used to not having a busy schedule.  She typically loves to go, go, go...  We did hit playgrounds and took the dogs for walks.  We rode bikes and scooters.  She requires good, hard, big muscle play at least every other day or her little system gets a bit out of control.  It was a bit challenging with the weather being chilly and wet, but she has become immune to cold.  Every morning she asks me if it will be warm or cold.  I answer cold and she puts on shorts or tank tops....  We have gone head to head over wearing a coat and shoes which she finds totally unnecessary.  I have to admit, though, even when I am freezing she is warm to the touch.

AJ is 'helping' Kayla pack to go back to Clemson.  It is pretty hysterical.  Basically, she is withing 6 inches of Kayla at all times and talking constantly.  Kayla has given her a few missions so she feels very important to be helping with such a big kid task.  She will miss Kayla and I am sure Kayla will miss her.  Ayden Jane has it pretty well figured out how this college thing works though.  Kayla goes, but she always comes back so all is good.

We took two, nearly three full weeks off from school and therapies.  It will be a rude awakening!!  I am pretty sure Ayden Jane will get back in the swing pretty quickly.  The rest of us?  Well, it seems the business is not always as exciting as you age...

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