Sunday, January 13, 2013

Donuts for Dads

The whole crew is back at school this week.  Therapies have restarted, Mckenna's 97 extracurricular activities are going.  Noah is back to basketball and coaching a bit of soccer on the side.  Gary is still working all that he can, and me? trying to keep everybody fed, transported and happy.

Ayden Jane surprised me a bit with her return to school.  She was 'slow'.  That little knoggin was over firing and taking forever to accomplish tasks.  Her teachers commented about how long it took her to do things.  It is hard to describe, but it's like when you talk to her she is not just hearing you she is noticing every detail around her, hearing every sound, seeing everything, feeling temps and textures, smelling every scent....  Like what you are saying is competing for her attention.  Once a day or two passed she settled in and things went much quicker.

By Friday she was back in the swing and over the moon excited about Donuts for Dads day at school.  I think it is sort of an early Father's Day sort of thing because the kids aren't in school for Father's Day.  Anyway, Ayden Jane informed me that Dad was taking her to school and I was not allowed in the car with them. Ha!  So after showing Gary around her room and the class singing a song to the Dad's she gave him the picture below.  Priceless!

If you look closely, you will see that the person she drew really was a person before she 'colored' it and she wrote her name.  Sure glad we call her AJ!!  Oh, and the PWS mom in me has to say that they go to McDonald's to play in the play land and share an iced coffee.  Not sure where the whole Chik-fil-a thing came from...  As for the hugs before work, she is always so proud of herself for making Daddy happy by giving him hugs before work and likes to give him a hug and a kiss when he goes to bed during the day to work that night.

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