Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kindergarten Plans

As we end our preschool years this spring we are already working on plans for next year.  Ayden Jane has been attending a tremendous little preschool where she has been loved and encouraged and treated just like any other child in their care.  (I consider that a compliment).  AJ has come a loooonnngggg way there.

When she entered in the 2's class she basically didn't talk until Christmas.  (she was 3 in Oct. of that year).  The teachers just kept right on talking to her and giving her opportunity to respond and generally just treated her like she had it all going on.  I assured them that we heard lots of new words and ideas at home that showed she was taking it all in.

In the 3's class she came out much more and had an awesome year.  She more than bonded with her teacher and her language skills exploded.  We fought illness all year which slowed some progress, but all in all it was awesome.

Along came this year.  Ayden Jane is now well rounded.  She has friends and does a great job socially.  She has begun to read and the number concepts are really coming.  She still really struggles with writing and I suspect she will continue to for a while, but she has time...

Ayden Jane could stay at the school she attends now for Kindergarten or we can send he to public K.  We are leaning toward public K at this time.  Ayden Jane could still use speech services, but I am not sure she will qualify for those but WOW does she need the OT there.  (who is great with her)  Ayden Jane will be in typical Kindergarten and what added support remains to be seen.  Basically, I'll be happy with an itinerant check on her from the special needs teacher and OT.  We are looking to change her classification from speech language delay to 'other health impaired'.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted as the process moves forward.   


  1. Exciting! What do you gain by switching to "other health impaired." I still need to learn all these terms!

  2. I am looking to qualify her for the IEP under the category Other Health Impaired because I don't think she will qualify any other way!! How awesome is that! She is not cognitively delayed, she no longer has a speech or language delay (that can be measured... we all know there is something there) and apparently the need for OT does not count. In fact, she only gets OT if she has an IEP already, which is why we come back to OHI.

  3. I know that you may already know it, but with OHI, you can also state in the IEP the need for a strict low fat, low calorie diet, the no food reward and even an aide to keep an eye with food if needed.
    You can also state in the IEP how a misbehavior needs to be managed (I don't think that a suspension for having a temper tantrum linked to PWS will be productive, no matter how hard we try).

    Sounds details of nothing, but the IEP is also for these kind of things.