Saturday, January 19, 2013

Play Date

Wow.  I let a whole weeks slide by!  Ayden Jane is back in the groove.  She has stayed for 'lunch buddies' twice and done great.  She is back to all therapies and school and heading to Noah's basketball games and Mckenna's soccer practices.  She is loving being on the go and still enjoying the time she gets to unwind and enjoy her toys and things at the house.  It is a great place to be!

Ayden Jane is getting really interested in coloring and trying to write.  She is holding her pencil/marker/crayon much better and more consistently in her right hand and can work on it for a long time.  She can trace well and control where the marker is drawing, but she is still not really able to look at a letter and recreate it.  I guess time will tell how big a problem this will be.  I think for now, it just takes so much brain power to hold and maneuver the marker that she can not process trying to 'decide' where to go with it to make something look a certain way.  Anyway, it is progress so I'll take it!

This afternoon we are meeting up with a friend from school.  Ayden Jane is so excited.  I have been a slack Momma and have not really done much of anything to arrange play time with friends for Ayden Jane.  About all we have done is enjoy the company of any other younger siblings that show up at the big kids sporting events.  Or, we play with whoever shows up at the playground when we are there.  Or, ride our bikes down the street to play with  a set of twins AJ's age.  This will be her first time meeting up with a specific chosen friend from school :)

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