Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

Whew, 2012 is behind us.  There were some great times in 2012 but over all, I'd have to say it was one exhausting year.

I spent a bit of time rereading some posts from early 2012 yesterday.  I am amazed at how far AJ has come on the health front.  Wow it was a rough bottom point early in the year and a LONG recovery since.  Honestly, other than I would like for her to be a bit more lean, health wise it has been smooth sailing this past month.  (knock on wood as I am currently waiting for lab results..LOL)  On the PWS side, we literally had a chocolate cake sitting out on the table for several days.  The other kids snacked on it occasionally and Ayden Jane walked past it 100 times.  She snacked on other things right in front of it.  She was not even remotely tempted... I am so glad that last winters start of the hunger/food seeking that is bound to come with PWS is hibernating.  It just makes everything more relaxed.

Noah just began to play with his Cape Fear team at this time last year and went to the first tournament with them in Feb.  His soccer world expanded and exploded with a State and National Championship and a trip to the finals at the Disney Showcase.  He sorted through college opportunities and is excited about his choice.  He has plans for his future and is now just laying the final preparations.

Mckenna is growing up so fast.  She has discovered talent in music as well as art.  She still loves to play soccer and run.  She breezes through academically at school.  She is entering the dreaded middle school years with grace and confidence and strong sense of who she is.  She knows and loves God and has a great group of friends to tackle these years with.  It will be a joy to watch her continue to grow and mature all her gifts.

Kayla is loving college life as a Clemson student.  She has some big decisions on her horizon as she debates Medical School or PhD... route.  She has internships to plan, MCAT's to begin to prepare for...  Kayla is in that phase where as a parent I find myself more of a cheerleader than a help.  She has big dreams and I want her to chase them.  No idea where they will lead, but I pray she enjoys the journey and takes in as much experience as she can along the way.

Gary wants/needs to continue some schooling, but is not yet able as he bears the total load of our families finances.  He turns 50 this year and I want it to be a great one.  I think it is over looked sometimes what Gary has given up in the past years with Ayden Jane added to our crew.  He works as much as he can and he gives what time he has left to our kids.  He has not been involved musically as he used to often do (and loved doing).  Time for himself, like golfing just doesn't happen.  He is my support whether he wants to be or not! LOL.  I love when he has time (like this Christmas) to just hang out with our crew.  He brings such laughter and joy into the house.  Little things like playing cards until the wee hours on Christmas Eve with the 3 big kids or getting into video games with Noah.  I hope that 2013 just loosens up a bit for Gary.  Honestly in some ways Gary lost his wife for the past few years.  He is there to support me and pitch in, but I/we have not carved out time for each other.

As for me?  Time for me to find a job!  Our family needs the added income and I need to get out...  I really wanted to go back to teaching this past year, or so I thought.  In the end I am glad I did not as AJ was just not yet ready.  I am confident she will handle full day Kindergarten next year and I hope and pray it is time for my return.  I have returned to the running trail and am excited about that.  Honestly, I am just filled with hope for 2013.  I can't really explain why but it is a good feeling.  I plan to enjoy more in 2013.  Not sure what that means or will look like, but here's to a year of hope.

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