Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sick and Tired of Sick and Tired

Ayden Jane had her first signs of illness 2 weeks ago Wednesday.  The high fevers from strep throat were taken care of by penicillin but then this yucky congestion set in.  Arrrrg.  So, we are now on 6 days of congestion which is settling into her chest.  She is already on an antibiotic but she is just not clearing it.  It is bizarre how much she can let sit in her throat without coughing.

I called last week to ask her pediatrician about it all, but he was out of town so I chatted with Dr. Miller and she said that it is not uncommon to pick up a viral infection with strep....  But to take her in early this week if she is not 100% clear.  Also I bumped up her Pharma Nac to try to keep the goo thinned out.

I will be taking her Monday or Tuesday because we are no where near 100%. I think what bothers me the most is that when she tries to exercise she just gets so tired she has to stop and rest.  Just before all this, we were walking 2+ miles at a good clip with the dog. Yesterday she was all excited and not even a half mile in asked if she could sit down and rest.  Poor kid.

In other news, Kayla is home!!!  Ayden Jane stuck to her like glue the first couple days.  If Kayla managed to leave the room undetected it was a matter of seconds before Ayden Jane was asking/looking for her.  Maybe tomorrow Kayla can unpack without 'help'.

Ayden Jane quotes:  Mom, if we can see God in Heaven how come we can't see Him here?  Does that make any sense to you?

Then last night about 2am when AJ woke me up:  Mom, can you pray for me to only have good dreams.  You can whisper because God is everywhere so He can hear you even if you talk quiet.

Talking to Kayla this morning: I'm right cause I thought it in my brain and everything in my brain is right .

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