Thursday, May 9, 2013

Antibiotics and Ayden Jane

So, Ayden Jane was on Penicillin for 10 days.  During that time I have no doubt that it took care of the srrep throat, which it was prescribed to do.  The viral infection that seems to have tagged on to the end of strep seems to have created its own bacterial infection. 

The pediatrician (not my regular one) saw her Tuesday and basically said that she has been on antibiotics throughout so more antibiotics aren't going to help.  In essence, he did not believe, or even consider it a possibility that AJ could have developed a secondary infection that penicillin would not take care of while she was on antibiotics.  His advice?  Wait 10 to 14 days and then come back if she was not clearing up.

Well, almost 24 hours off of the Penicillin and Ayden Jane woke up this morning by choking on / coughing up thick green, black crud.  She was way more congested, not improving.  I had emailed Dr. Miller in the intermediary and she felt that AJ needed Augmentin.  That it was entirely possible that the penicillin was not strong enough, especially when AJ was already fighting something else, to rid her of the secondary infection.  Sooooo, I called Dr. Clark.  She is awesome.  We talked through what I needed and by the afternoon AJ was on Augmentin.  Hopefully in the next couple of days I will finally see vast improvement!

On the Pediatrician note, it was not our regular pediatrician and since this has happened a couple of times where we could not see our regular one and the others were, well, useless would be the nicest way I would put it, we are looking into changing pediatricians.  Jen has given me a recommendation so I will be working on that next week.  Well maybe the week after since I work so much next week.

I just want to see Ayden Jane healthy again!!  I want to bring down those IGF 1 levels so we can bump up her gh.  I want to get her active and leaned out over the summer.  We are in much better shape this spring than last, so I will just be thankful for that and move on.

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