Saturday, May 11, 2013


Special needs kiddos, or kids that just develop a little slower or differently sometimes have trouble making friends.  Or, at the very least, are a bit socially awkward and have a bit of trouble keeping up.  A parent wants most for their children to be happy and healthy and be the best kiddo they can be whether they are special needs or not.  Lets face it, the ability to be a good friend and make/have friends is a pretty big key to happiness.  I have to say that at this time Ayden Jane is in good shape in this department.  Definitely this is facilitated by the awesome parents at her preschool, but it is so great to watch.

First up there is A, her very best friend.  They have so much fun together and it melts my heart.  A is moving far away in the month of June, and Ayden Jane is sad but dealing with it pretty well.  She says that she and A have made a plan to draw pictures and write notes about what they are doing and send them to each other.  So cute.  Now that AJ is finally feeling better we hope to get the girls together a few more times before they head out in June:(

Then the other night at the soccer game Ayden Jane made a friend and scootered for most of the game with her.  It was almost comical that there was another little girl there (a friends daughter) that was sad because Ayden Jane was not playing with her...  Secretly it warms my heart that AJ is so wanted as a friend that there wasn't enough of her to go around. HA!

Lastly, (this week) we went out to the beach for our first spring time boogie board and a boy from school was there with his family.  In the past, she was not quite able to connect with him at the beach and preferred to do her own thing.  This time, however, she jumped right in with him and hit the waves.  I am sure is was just a small event for him, but it was so cool for me to see AJ just so naturally and easily navigate several peer situations.

Now praying she can use these skills to make new, good friends in Kindergarten next fall!

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  1. That's great that she is able to connect with other kiddos! And it sounds like getting bigger and more confident never hurts. :)

    Bob and I were just talking about this with Dean. I think his lack of speech is holding him back greatly in this area. Hoping that he is able to connect more with other kids as his speech increases...