Sunday, May 12, 2013

Is it Funny?

Ayden Jane is on track in every area but one.  Her handwriting.  Not even sure you can call it handwriting.  The good news is that she can now hold the pencil well and trace well.  Basically, her hands are getting stronger and more coordinated.  The hard part of this whole leap, though is to be able to take what is in her head and make it come out her hands.

I imagine it is a bit like when I try to draw something even remotely complicated (I an no artist).  I can see what I want to draw in my head, but no matter how hard I try it just does not come out of my hands, so to speak.  Ayden Jane knows the letters.  She knows what they look like and can trace them, but to make them just appear on paper from what is in her head?  Well, it is hard.  Eventually I know that she will learn to make each one but I believe it may be a fairly painstaking process.

Tonight when Mckenna was drawing with Ayden Jane and making Mother's Day Cards for grandma, AJ asked Mckenna if it was funny when she scribbles.  It took a minute for Mckenna to catch on to what she was talking about until Ayden Jane said, "my friends at school think it is funny when I scribble."  The tone was definitely in the category where she is uncomfortable with it.  Not entirely feeling picked on, but a bit sad. 

I basically used it as ammo to get her to try to draw real things.  She just rushes so much, I guess because it is such an effort it is hard to go slow?  The few times we have gotten her to slow down and try to really draw something I have been surprised.  I think this summer's work is cut out for us.  Continue to improve reading skills, learn to make letters, get lots of exercise and lean out AJ.

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  1. Hard when you can see those wheels turning in their brains and they just can't quite make it happen! I bet summer will be a great time to practice in a different environment and give her the confidence as she goes into kindergarten next year. :)