Monday, May 20, 2013

Recovery and Maturity

Ayden Jane continues to slooooowwwly recover.  It is really unbelievable how long it takes for her body to recover from illness.  It has been nearly 4 weeks since she first got sick and we are not there yet.  I'd say her hunger (or lack of for a kid with PWS) has diminished nicely.  She has even passed up a meal here and there.  Her tone is improving and getting close to where it was prior to getting ill.  Her energy is returning but her stamina still lags.  She will start into playing or walking... and then need to stop and rest.  The necessary rests are getting shorter and less frequent.  She has nearly given her nap up again.  Her behavior has been good and she is craving lots of rough play.  Her belly is showing some distention as 20 days on antibiotics have taken their toll.  Slowly though, she is returning to the seemingly non PWS kiddo with PWS that she typically is.

We went to a birthday party this past weekend.  It was a small party and Ayden Jane only knew the birthday girl!  It was so fun to watch, though, as AJ just hung with the girls.  She joined in the games and figured them out as quickly as any girl there.  She was very tired after even though she did not really play too hard as the party was indoors.  I think the social thing can be very tiring, but I can honestly say that Ayden Jane is really getting the hang of it!!

It all just makes me know she is ready for Kindergarten.  It will be overwhelming, but at the rate she is going she will adjust way quicker than I could imagine.  Next I need to find some VBS's this summer or camps that she can join in to keep up the great social skills.

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