Friday, May 31, 2013

Shriners Visit

As a quick review of Ayden Jane's 'history' of scoliosis, she was x-rayed at 3 and there was no sign of scoliosis.  When she turned 4 we did not even check her because she was still so active and there was nothing that looked fishy.  Jen, our PT, is great with checking these things and our doctors did visual checks.  Then the 'winter of infection' came.  While she was sick that winter her tone turned to mush.  By the end of last summer we saw some outward signs that things were not quite right and we knew it was time to get a look at things anyway.  No only were some things not quite right with her back, but she was internally rotating her right hip and her knee.  So, her second x-rays for scoliosis were done and revealed a 23 degree curve.  Yikes!

We talked to some folks and decided to hit the experts at Shriner's in Philadelphia.  We were told via phone that 25 degrees was the point were intervention was required.  Now, this could be bracing or casting, but we were not excited about the thought of either.  We made the appointment, got Ayden Jane back into some new orthotics and went to work via PT.  Jen even had us use a knee brace to keep the leg in a better position and help AJ remember to sit correctly.  November we had her third set of x-rays and her curve was reduced to 12-13 degrees.  This cleared us from having to worry about casting ect. but Dr. VanBosse wanted us to be checked again in 6 months.  He was comfortable with transferring us to Shriner's Greenville.

Yesterday we made the trip and had Ayden Jane's 4th set of scoliosis x-rays.  I was really hoping for a further reduction in the curve, but am relieved that her curve is at least stable.  It was still 12 - 13 degrees.  Even better is that he feels that with her age it will likely remain stable and we only need to check in with him once a year.  (unless we see anything of concern)

We were hoping to see some friends while we were there and head to the zoo together, but alas little E started up with  a fever.  We still hit the zoo and the great little playground right next to it.  Ayden Jane loved the baby giraffe and was amazed at the size of the elephants.  I was amazed that after sleeping in a hotel, hours at the hospital, nearly 3 hours of walking at the zoo and playground time Ayden Jane did not even sleep on the way home!!!  She talked for 4 1/2 consecutive hours.  Gary and I took turns pretending to listen and there were times where she was just narrating the puzzle she was doing or 'reading' a book.  Sometimes I really wished this kid watched movies!

Shriner's itself was great and made me think of Kayla a little bit.  She is looking to go to Medical School and thus needs to do an internship.  What a great place that would be.  She attends Clemson which is nearby so she just might check it out.  Who knows...

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