Saturday, June 22, 2013


Ayden Jane went to Vacation Bible School this week.  It was at the church where she has gone to preschool so there were lots of friends from her school and adult that she knows.  She had a lot of fun and it gave us a week of something other than summer fun. 

I think her favorite part was that her friends C and C from down the street (twin boys her age) went also.  We picked them up and held onto them for a little bit until their mom came... it was maybe 30 minutes but Ayden Jane loved that she had them to bring home and was in the same group with one.  I loved listening to them chat as I drove! 

Gary picked them up one day and he commented on how funny it was to hear AJ talk to another kid her age and just have a regular conversation.  Basically, they would get a drink and maybe a very little snack and then hit the trampoline ...

On my end, it is so cool to have friends that know enough about Ayden Jane to know she comes with an bit of extra maintenance but not care in the least.  They just love AJ, invite her for walks or to over to play and send the boys to our house.  Sometimes it is a fine line with our medically complicated kiddos.  Parents feel an extra amount of stress when inviting them (which I totally get!!) but some are just amazing and care so much to happily live up to the challenge.

I have to say, in our small community, we are blessed to have several of those types of friends.  Today, Ayden Jane went to a birthday party for one of the girls in her class.  It was a pool party and over lunchtime.  I packed some food: a hard boiled egg, pistachios, almonds and a square of dark chocolate.  When we arrived the birthday girls mom, L, said she had something special for Ayden Jane because she knew she could not have the cupcakes.  She got her dark chocolate and a nut trail mix.  She was sure to give it to me so I could  give Ayden Jane the amount I wanted to.  While the kids ate pizza and snacks, Ayden Jane ate nuts and egg.  When they had cupcakes I gave her the dark chocolate and told her how Mrs. L went out of her way to be sure she had a treat.  Ayden Jane was thrilled!!!

She had a great day of partying and swimming with her friends and felt so loved that they thought to get her something special.  I'd say we are blessed.

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