Saturday, June 15, 2013

Unstructured Summer

In the PWS world, unstructured days are generally a bit risky.  Typically the kids thrive on routine because it adds predictability and stability to their lives and therefore reduces anxiety.  Ayden Jane's summer thus far has been one unstructured day after another and she LOVES it.  Her toughest questions of each day are usually whether to go to the beach or the pool (which is usually solved by going to the beach followed by the pool) and when to go.  Her only definitely eating time is whenever she wakes up.  After that we eat when we can and she has no problem with that.

I asked her the other day if she liked summer.  The grin gave me the answer but she also said a nice loud, "yes, yes, yes."  She wanted to know if she had Mrs. Jen (PT), horses and swim team all summer.  I told her she did and she stuck out her bottom lip. (with a teasing grin hiding behind it) and said she would rather just do what ever we wanted each day.  Next week her preschool is having VBS and I totally intended to send her.  A slip up (on our part) did not get her registered in time but I honestly think she is perfectly content to keep making up our days as we go.

She does go with Kayla to TMP where she lifeguards on Friday mornings (while I work) and she may need to make an appearance with Noah at soccer camp this thurs.  Seeing how she has been out of school since May 24 I really thought she would want more by now.  I guess swimming, playing at home and dog walking keeps her busy enough.  I am loving the laid back summer and laid back AJ!

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