Friday, June 14, 2013

Daddy Day

Well now that I am working a little bit and Ayden Jane is out of school it has been interesting to see how the day goes when Mommy is not around.  A couple of days ago, Gary had some things to do up in MB so he took Ayden Jane and treated her to the bouncy slide/playhouse things.  There were some great successes from the day and some .... well not so great successes.

Basically, Gary is pelted with, "Mommy says I can have...,  Mommy says I can do ....... " and he honestly knows that's NOT what Mommy says but wants to avoid the ensuing melt down.  I know that my other kids used to give him a flash of panic when he did things differently than Mommy (especially Kayla) but they learned to just go with it.  I believe AJ will too, but it has been interesting to 'watch' them work it out.

I guess, when I think about it, Gary and AJ have not spent very much time just the two of them.  I mean, Gary plays with her plenty but I am usually around or he has Mckenna with him...  Noah has kept Ayden Jane quite a bit over this past year and they have their routines down.  She amazingly does not really argue with him and he just has a way with her.

Glad for Gary and Ayden Jane to establish their own things and routines. 

That sounds like all they did was argue.  Honestly that was just a small part.  Ayden Jane was thrilled to have Daddy Day and talked ALL day long.  Gary's first question when he saw me was, does she ever stop talking?  It was a filled with energy day so she went all day with little to no nap.  Gary was so great.  After all that he took Ayden Jane to horses too.


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