Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer is Upon Us - Hooray!

Summer is such a great time living here by the beach.  Of course, summer is a great time for other reasons all over!  I think I would love hiking, kayaking and other mountain activities if I lived there as well.  For us though, summer is all about water.  Ocean water, pool water, sprinklers....

Ayden Jane is fearless as she heads out into the waves.  She loves to boogie board and swim in the ocean.  She is content to swim by herself (it is too darn cold for me yet) and loves when she finds friends there.  I am amazed by how she can be toppled by waves and just get back up without a care.  She is doing much better than last summer at paying attention to how far out in the ocean she gets.  Or maybe she is just taller....  At any rate, she has stayed very safe and I think it will be a lot less stressful for me this year.  Woo Hoo!!  (I had to go in after her on more than one occasions last summer)

At the pool she has picked right up where she left off.  She is able to swim all over the pool and still loves to swim down deep.  Her lung capacity is still large enough to scare me but I am getting used to her staying under a loooong time.  We have signed her up for swim team again this summer and hopefully she will have a bit more of the necessary coordination to pick up the strokes. 

I have to admit I am loving being down to 2 therapies a week.  One PT and one therapeutic horse back riding.  Add in swimming 2 days a week and all is well.  It will be really big news if she is able to compete in one swim meet before summers end.  I will totally video that if it happens!!

Other plans to keep her busy include a vacation bible school or 2.  Possibly a bit of 9 - 12 soccer camp when Noah is coaching and a few Fridays spent in the pool where Kayla lifeguards.  (lots of kids there she does not really know and she will be the youngest) 

Ayden Jane loves to be busy and I am hoping to get her leaned out a bit, IGF-1 levels down and insulin levels low.  I may get nothing else done this summer, but I guess Camp Gulley is officially open.


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