Thursday, June 6, 2013

Noah the Graduate

Last night was Noah's graduation from High School.  He has been set on where he is headed for quite some time now so in some ways graduation was a formality.  As we, Gary and I, sat up in the bleachers waiting for it to start and chatting we had a lot of great memories come to mind.  Noah entered High School a fairly tall skinny kid.  He has always had that great smile and has a lot to be proud of from his years at Waccamaw High School.  He graduated with honors and played varsity sports.... 
But I think what I am most proud of is the many times people have told me what a great young man he is.  Other parents, teachers..  The greatest compliment and testament to the character he possesses came from a teacher.  Gary had gone to chat with this teacher because Noah's grades were not as they should have been.  The teacher did tell him the same that we heard from most of Noah's teachers.  That Noah is very bright and capable of all A's but he is unorganized and does not get all his assignments in....  (in other words, he is more interested in chasing that soccer ball!)  Don't worry, I am getting to that compliment!  He then told Gary that Noah is a tremendous young man.  That he has two small boys of his own and he hopes that they will grow up to be fine young men like Noah.
We are proud of him.  He is a tender hearted young man with, as a soccer coach says, a maturity beyond his years.  He is an amazing brother to his 3 sisters.  He and Kayla share a special friendship, he has given Mckenna his time this year and recognizes that she is growing up and he is just amazing with Ayden Jane.  He can tell her no and keep her straight but somehow never turn it into a show down.  He can make her laugh and reduce any anxiety in an instant.  Ayden Jane will do anything for her big brother.

Congratulations Noah!!  It was a hard fought battle at times, but you made it and have grown into a fine young man.  Your future is bright.  Follow the paths God leads you down and go with confidence where ever He sends you.  We love you.

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