Friday, July 5, 2013

Busy Summer

Summer is flying by!  Last weekend we had a great visit from the Shenk clan.  Then came the 4th of July at the beach.  Wow are there a lot of people in Pawleys Island!

Next up is planning a trip to see Dr. Miller.  Looks like it will be just me and Ayden Jane.  Wish Gary could come, but it is just too short of notice for him to change his schedule all around.  Should be quite an interesting trip.  (interesting is code for hoping I will retain my sanity)  Ayden Jane is not known for traveling well.  I sure hope she decides that watching movies is a good idea FINALLY.  Usually her favorite way to travel is to talk non stop.  Sort of like whoever is in the car is a captive audience and she is determined to use every minute of their time!

One thing not going great is that, just like last summer, Ayden Jane is developing some internal rotation of her right leg.  Jen and I cannot figure out if it is because she just doesn't spend much time in her orthotics or if it is something she is doing in the way she is swimming or something else.  (Losing one shoe with her orthotic in it last week is not really helpful either)  What we do know is that by the end of last summer it was getting out of control and her scoliosis began.  Jen did some exercises with AJ found muscles she did not use... pretty much at all.  She worked on them a bit and then rigged up a 'derotational strap' out of theraband.  It was amazing to see her use her right leg totally as it should for the first time in a looooong time! Then she had her jump up on a square and AJ landed it perfect.  Jen asked her to jump backwards off the square.  AJ has never been able to do this without losing balance.  Yep. She nailed it ... repeatedly!

A couple of days after we get back from Florida, Ayden Jane and I will meet Jen at Mr. Alan's office and we will be all fit for new orthotics and an official derotational strap.  It will be awesome.  The plan is to take our walks with it on or something like that.  Use it a few active hours a day.  Then it will be 2 weeks of a swimming class, hopefully and she will finish the summer straight and strong and oh so ready for Kindergarten!

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