Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just When You Think You Have Things Figured Out...

Prior to heading to Dr. Miller we upped Ayden Jane's carnitine.  It was a missing link in her energy chain.  It was awesome to see her so full of energy!  At this point, the energy is not so huge, but she is still calm and happy and easy.  She is learning and funny.  She is not hungry.  She can go a long time between meals and still think clearly.  It is awesome.

The past couple of days there have been some spurts reminiscent of when she was little.  Just sort of leaps in skills.  I haven't noticed these sorts of leaps much in a while.  I guess I sort of figured that they wouldn't happen much now as she has accomplished most of the major milestones. 

Okay, so what am I talking about?  Here goes.  First up was at the swimming pool last night.  I know that Ayden Jane is always swimming.  She has been a good swimmer for a long time.  However, the coordination of a true freestyle has eluded her.  Her ability to motor plan alternating arms, kicking her feet... all together and then let alone breathe!  Last night I was speaking with a friend at one side of the pool.  Ayden Jane was swimming around doing her own thing and a nice woman (who I think was a bit worried that my small child seemed to be so unattended in the pool) asked Ayden Jane if she could swim.  AJ apparently told her she could and decided to prove it.  She swam a solid, controlled freestyle, took a breath TWICE and crossed the whole pool.  So cool!

The other shocker of the day came earlier on our way from the beach to the pool.  Ayden Jane started asking me how to spell things.  I have tried to get her think this way before and I don't know if she could because she just didn't want to play that game.  I turned her questions around and got her to try to spell a them.  Of course she could not spell them perfectly but she did a pretty good job of spelling them phonetically.  I was really surprised! Yep.

That's a lot of 'jumping' in one day!  And to think I was beginning to worry that her energy had dropped.  I am guessing that it hasn't really dropped, but been diverted to developing new connections.  Hoping for a fine motor jump soon!


  1. That's great! What do you think kick-started it all?

  2. This is so wonderful for your little one and your family. I know that when my special needs child makes some leaps in skills it is a big deal for us. Congrats to your munchkin and to you as well!

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  3. Ali, I have no clue really, but I know that she is eating a lot of fats and the carnitine helps them be usable. Maybe the connections were just waiting for energy?