Monday, July 8, 2013

Carnitine Rocks

Ayden Jane has had several days in a row now with significant improvement in energy both physically and mentally.  Also it has had the awesome side effect of reducing anxiety and hunger!  (I am guessing that is due to not feeling 'out of gas')

Today is a great example.  Ayden Jane woke up about 6:30 or so as usual and came in to our room.  I turned on her shows and she curled up and watched 'til Momma was ready to get up.  We had breakfast about 8 and she headed out to play with the dogs and swing.  By about 10 I woke up Noah and put him in charge so I could go run errands.  AJ came in and played play doh and puzzles and was just happy to hang out until I got back. 

I came home around 12 or so and we decided to go swimming.  I suggested lunch before we left and she was good with that.  By 1 we were on the beach and Ayden Jane swam and played for 2 1/2 hours.  She drank some green tea and asked to go to the pool.  I figured why not and wanted to see just how long the energy would last.  A friend from school was there and they swam for another 2 or so hours!!  He had a big blow up boat and they climbed in and dove out of it for the last hour.  It was HARD work.  I had to make Ayden Jane leave and when we got home she decided to shower before supper.  It was 6:30 before she ate and she was not concerned.  Seriously, nearly 5 hours of swimming and going on 6 hours between meals with no snacks!

The story is amazing enough if I stopped there.  After supper Ayden Jane asked if we could still walk the dogs.  The route we take is 2 miles.  She walked the whole thing with no problem.  We came back and had supplements, a popsicle and headed for bed.  She was cooperative and fun and Gary read her a book.  Asleep at 9:15!!  That's right, no nap and all that activity.  Whew.  Now if I can only manage to keep up with her.

Details about forms and dosages ect. to come.  Tonight I am just going to enjoy!

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