Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sometimes It's the Simple Things

Ayden Jane had her horrible winter of infection a year and a half ago.  During that time and for the summer following we worked hard to get her immune system strong.  She struggled to recover stamina and strength long after the illness itself was gone from her body.  We figured that, for AJ, she just needed longer to recover and we tried to come up with things to help with that.

I am thrilled with the return of the complete Ayden Jane.  I am having some trouble not being angry with myself for not thinking of the carnitine sooner.  I mean, I knew the kid had early lab results that said, "impaired peripheral utilization of carnitine" whatever that means.  I knew that it was beneficial and that multiple forms were a good thing.  I knew that I used to give her more when she was not as big as she is now and that it is weight based dosing.  I knew that I had run out of one I used to use and that it was no longer available but I did not make the effort to search out what I wanted and get it...  Yep. A little frustrated with the Momma.

So, lesson learned for me is that sometimes it's the simple things.  Instead of looking for new problems or trying to find complicated reasons for things being a little off.  First look for the simple things.  Why not?  I could have corrected the carnitine issues on my own in a very short time.  Instead I wasted a lot of time looking for complicated answers to the subtle differences I was noticing in both physical and mental energy.

So, what dose of carnitine am I using?  Ayden Jane is on a dose of 57 mg/kg/day.  So, for those that like math lessons here it is.  I give AJ 1000 mg of carnitine fumarate divided into morning and afternoon.  She also gets 500 mg of acetyl carnitine divided the same way.  So.... 1500 mg per day and Ayden Jane is about 26 kg.  So.... a ratio of roughly 40CF/20 acetyl. 

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