Monday, July 22, 2013

The Winds of Change

The theme going into the fall is change.  Kayla is heading into her junior year at Clemson and is preparing for MCAT's and feels the clock ticking on decisions as to just what she wants to do.  Noah is heading off to his freshman year at Coker and his first venture into independence and managing his own time and money.  Mckenna is headed for middle school and all the fun and challenges of becoming a teenager.  Ayden Jane is off to Kindergarten at 'big school.'

Whew! At close look.  Kayla knows she wants to work in research.  She had a tremendous time shadowing at UFL and really enjoyed the specialties of rare disease research.  She can see herself specializing in something 'rare' and helping the patients and families...  On the other hand, there is so much out there and she really only knows the small amount she has seen.  She is planning on volunteering at Shriner's in Greenville this school year.  She has a scholarship which requires volunteer hours so it will 'kill two birds with one stone'.  We pray for her to hear God's voice in finding the right direction and fearlessness in taking those steps.

Noah is headed off on his own.  He has tremendous leadership skills, however he always takes a bit of time to 'get his feet under him.'  He will likely not enjoy the feelings that come with being a freshman on campus and trying to figure out strange computer programs, where to get help, how to....  He has a fantstic opportunity that he has truly earned both academically and athletically. I pray for a smooth transition so that all his potential can quickly surface and he can soar.

Mckenna is 12 and entering 7th grade.  Here that means her first year in middle school.  She is running cross country for the high school, still playing club soccer and should have a more challenging academic year.  In addition she plans to continue her art classes and is beginning to take up guitar.  Oh, then there is chamber choir and leading worship for the middlle school youth group.  Wow.  Now that I write it that is a LOT!  In a way, I feel like it is Mckenna's year.  I know that sounds odd, but Ayden Jane is older, finally healthy and in school a longer day.  Last year Noah was a senior and we did a lot to not miss his 'lasts'.  Gary spent a lot of time with Noah, just the two of them looking at schools or just hanging out as guys.  Mckenna is about to take over the role of oldest and I think she is ready to really come out of her shell.  (oddly enough the kid is shy and awkwards at times.  How a beautiful, brilliant, artistic and athletic kid can be shy and lack confidence I will never understand :)

And, of course, Ayden Jane starts Kindergarten.  I am excited for Ayden Jane and oddly not concerned about her.  Well, other than the frustration she will experience trying to keep up with the ability to write.  I believe it will be a big challenge.  Luckily, her social skills, reading skills and math skills are ready.

And me?  Well, I will have a lot less laundry to do and grocery shopping will be significantly different!  I really need to go back to work, but that does not seem to be looking like it's gonna happen.  I have big plans to learn to feed Ayden Jane (and the rest of us) better quality and shift AJ's diet a bit more toward fats for her brain.  I will keep a couple of my friends kids after school and substitute when I can.  I can't help but hve the feeling that there will be a significantly differnt feel.  I pray for patience and trusting God for the right job at the right time and that I will go where He sends me to make that happen. 

Gary has some decisions to make professionally as well so it promises to be a big year for us all. 

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