Sunday, July 14, 2013

Road Trip

Ayden Jane was beyond awesome today.  She set out on a mission to help me by doing her part to make this a great trip.  She was so excited for the trip that she did not sleep much last night and woke me up way earlier than we needed to leave but hey, excitement beats dread so I went with it.

It is funny how excited she gets over little things.  Like when we stopped and found a play place.

She cracked me up as she entertained herself by counting the pages in her bible.  I know, you'd think that would drive ya crazy, but she was giggling and found herself so funny when she got stuck or mixed up and needed help I couldn't help but laugh with her.  She/we counted 197 pages.

Ayden Jane is so excited to see Dr. Miller tomorrow.  She keeps reminding me that I do not get to do all the talking because Dr. Miller wants to talk to her too.  Also, she gets to ask Dr. Miller any questions she wants!  I hope Dr. Miller is ready.

Ayden Jane's other goal is to get another Florida Gator.  She brought the one we got last time so I sure hope we can find another one!  She also wants to see some real ones.  Hmmmmmm.  Hopefully the day will go smoothly, Dr. Miller will have some great ideas for us, AJ and Dr. M will forge an alliance against PWS and we will find some cool stuff to do on the way home.

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