Friday, July 12, 2013

UFL Bound

We, Ayden Jane and I, will be leaving for Gainesville on Sunday to see Dr. Miller.  It has been over 2 years!  Honestly, I had called for an appointment because it was time, Ayden Jane has been through so much since we have seen her and because I could not figure out what the missing piece was.

It is sort of ironic that at the moment, with the added carnitine, Ayden Jane is doing the best she has since the fall after I saw Dr. Miller last.  Dr. Miller helped us through a lot of the scary, confusing stuff over this time and I am thrilled that she will get to spend time with Ayden Jane Monday and hopefully have some suggestions of what else we can do.

I also have another plan for our time.  Ayden Jane has been asking lots of questions lately about why her body works the way it does.  She is not rebelling or even complaining, just curious.  I explain it as best I can but I am thinking that Dr. Miller will be perfect for all her questions.  The answers will be more clear, Ayden Jane won't be able to argue with them and there will be total back up for what we need to do daily. 

Ayden Jane is very capable which means that she will be invited and a part of situations which will require her to understand how important her 'food rules' are.  It is a lot to ask of a rising Kindergartener, but I just think that she can handle it.  She has a pretty amazing understanding of a lot of things medical already.  Guess we will be adding genetics and endocrinology to her repertoire!

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