Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Wishes from Clemson

Ayden Jane's birthday is not officially until tomorrow, but she was spoiled rotten all weekend by Kayla and her friends from Clemson.  It started Friday night when they arrived and played on the trampoline with her.  It was so fun to hear all the squeals of laughter through the window.  I think Ayden Jane outlasted them!  When they could jump no more they came in to read books.  How cute is this?

The main event was on Sunday.  I took Mckenna to Charleston for a soccer game and the Clemson crew took Ayden Jane on a day of adventure.  The grand finale of it all was a trip to Build-A-Dino.  Ayden Jane told me all about how they kissed the hearts and stuffed the dinos.  Then about bathing them.  Of course she had to explain that they actually used air and not water but still called it a bath.  We walked the dogs after the crew left and Ayden Jane recapped her day for the entire hour.  Some of my favorite quotes were; 

This was the best day of my whole life! 

Today makes me six already because it was the best birthday ever.

I went in and when I saw the one I picked I totally knew that was the one I wanted.

Well you get the idea.  Here are a few pictures of Ayden Jane's dinosaur birthday.


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