Friday, September 13, 2013

How Food Changed Ayden Jane

Lots of people have asked me about why I chose, back in the day when diets recommended for PWS were more along the lines of calorie control than anything to feed AJ as I do.  First of all, I learned from what L was figuring out with K.  AJ was just diagnosed around the time L went low carb ect. with K and it just made sense.  Also, O was wonderful and accessible by email and the yahoo group was a great source of info. I figure it is easiest for you to just see it.
This is Ayden Jane at about 5 months just before we introduced cereals.
This is at 7 months after 1 month of cereals and other baby foods.

This is 8 months after more cereals and baby foods... just diagnosed!!
Here she is at 10 months after we went zero grain, low carb, pushed fats and started supplements.  The mischief to come is beginning to show.
Now at 11 months with one full month of gh.  Wow I am growing and getting strong

This is 13 months.  Just 5 months post diagnosis and loving my new food, supplements (particularly b12 at this age) and all the energy.  I will be walking in just over a month!

And finally, Ayden Jane at 22 months showing signs of determination to come :)

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