Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day and Stuff

So what do you do when the air conditioner maintenance guy has you trapped?  Write a blog post...

It's Tuesday after Labor Day weekend.  We had a great long weekend.  Lots of beach and pool time and a good bit of dog walking.  The energy stream just keeps flowing out of this kid right now.  The cold is running it's course but I have hopes it will pass.  I ordered more pharmaNAC (which I should have already had on hand) so starting tomorrow I should be able to double dose her on that.  Plus, she is so good at blowing her nose!!!  Hooray!!  She does not act sick at all.  In fact, she is running me into the ground!

Speaking of running me into the ground.  Mckenna has her first Cross Country meet today!  On Saturday we decided to head out and see if she can make the whole course.  She had not actually completed the entire course at one time yet.  I was really proud of her!  It was HOT and she definitely was not feeling good at around 2 miles.  She plugged on through and she finished the entire thing.  Hopefully the confidence will carry her through today!  (and I survived the run.  It has been a while!)

 Kayla and Noah sound like they are off to a good start for the semester.  Neither sounds like their course load is going to kill them (Kayla is only taking 3 genetics classes, public speaking and Spanish. LOL)  Both sound happy.  We here on the home front miss them for sure.  I think we had adjusted to Kayla being off at Clemson, but it is really new that Noah is not around.  The younger girls definitely miss him and even the dog keeps checking his room to see if he is home.  Glad we will be able to go see him soon.

As for me?  Well, there is a possible job on the horizon that I would LOVE.  A lot would have to fall in place (will require an act of God) for it to happen, but I am trying to be patiently hopeful.  If it comes through I will fill you in on the details!!

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