Thursday, September 12, 2013

Running It All

Ayden Jane has a strange tendency to internally rotate her right leg.  It seems connected to the scoliosis issues, of course in a chicken and the egg sort of way.  Jen has been determined to 'fix' this and it is so cool to watch Ayden Jane run now. 

So, how has she been working on it?  First up is the basic orthotic in AJ's shoes.  She has had 'yellows' in her shoes since early on and just when I don't know if they are really necessary we get new ones and I see a good improvement. 

Secondly, she has done leg/hip exercises.  These are cool for me to see because in the beginning when Jen was trying to figure out just what was going on she discovered muscles AJ was just not using.  In fact, didn't really know how to fire.  Now those same muscles are strong and AJ can find them quickly.

Thirdly, we have been using a 'derotational strap' that Jen and Mr. Alan cooked up.  Ayden Jane does not wear it a lot, but she does when we walk the dogs.  (It amazes me what this kid puts up with)  Anyway, at first it gave her leg a lot of support/cueing.  We backed it down a notch now and I am hoping to do away with it one of these days.  What I can say is that watching Ayden Jane run now she looks so much better. 

Ayden Jane is ready to run and Jen and I were talking about 'training' for the 5K.  Jen said she wanted Ayden Jane to take the amount of running slowly up.  That she does not want her to run too much at this point...  Well, Ayden Jane heard our conversation and burst out into tears.  "But I want to run the whole race!  I don't want to have to walk at all!" 

So, where are we with it all?  Last night Ayden Jane ran our whole road 1/4 mile straight through.  She wanted to go more, but that was it for now.  Then we walked 2 plus miles and she begged to run the 1/4 mile back home.  She did it!  "Mom, this is hard but I can make it.  When we go to the race I will be able to run it all."


  1. WTG AJ! And, can I have Jen?

    1. Wonderful to read the triumps of Ayden Jane! She is blessed with an amazing family. Praise God!

  2. Rhea, everybody could use a Jen. I think she is the only person I know more determined than Ayden Jane. And, I know she would love Alexi!