Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fun Visit

We really enjoyed our visit from 'the college kids'.  It was quick and fun and Ayden Jane is EXHAUSTED.  It's a good sort of exhausted though. 

Friday night was a trip to the HS football game.  We left about half time to come home and see Kayla and her friend Allie.  Yea!!  Ayden Jane hung on until 11 pm!  She did not let them out of her sight.  I think she was convinced that if they got more than 10 feet away from her they would be headed back to Clemson.  The girls spoiled her rotten and she loved being the center of the universe.

Saturday morning we sent her in to wake up Noah.  (she did not know he was home)  She enjoyed jumping on him for a bit before moving on to jumping on Allie and Kayla.

Off to the beach we all went...  It was a beautiful day but a bit rough in the ocean for her to show off her surfing skills.  They mostly swam and fought the current.  Kayla has pictures on her phone and I'll post them when I can!

In other news.  Starting tomorrow we will have C and C after school 4 days a week.  Ayden Jane is so excited.  It will be great for her to have friends her age to play with on a daily basis.  The boys are great and I am sure we will settle into a good routine.  My plan is snack and out the door!

I am still waiting to hear on the job front.  I think all the options I have heard mentioned work for me so I am not too worried about it, just anxious to know just what it is I will have to get excited about.

I am thinking it's about to get busy around here!

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