Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa G

Christmas 2013 is done.  It was great, but .... complicated.  Sunday, December 15 we got the call that Gary's mom passed away.  It was a shock and we knew Gary had to head to TX.  We did not want him driving it, or going through it all alone so Kayla went with him.  Noah and Mckenna stayed behind with me as Ayden Jane had so much pre Christmas stuff to do and my parents had an upcoming wedding anniversary that I needed to help get my Dad to ...  It was a very complicated week.  (trust me, I am skipping a lot)

Gary spoke at his mom's funeral and I would have loved to be there....  It was small, mostly just family and not a dry eye in the place.  He got to spend lots of time with his dad because they went out early and Kayla spent some time with her cousins.

When I told Ayden Jane that her Grandma G died, at first she was a bit speechless.  (that never happens!)  Then I told her that Grandma G was in heaven with Jesus and her expression just relaxed.  Then she told me, "It's okay Mom, I will still make pictures for her and send them to Grandpa G.  Then he can take them to her when he goes to heaven."  We talked a bit and I told her that Grandpa did miss her and she decided that she would draw him pictures of Grandma so he wouldn't miss her so much.  The kid has a solution for everything.

Today (2 weeks later) I was on the sofa talking to Noah.  Ayden Jane came over and out of no where she asked when we can go see Grandpa G.  I told her that it is a long way but we will plan a trip when we can.  She asked again, but when.  I told her that Daddy is working on it and she can ask him when he wakes up.  She burst into tears and said, "but I want to go see him before he dies like Grandma G."  Wow, guess she has been holding that in a while! 

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  1. Ten years ago my father died. His health was not good, however, as always, no matter how much you "prepare", the actual moment is never easy to deal with.
    A few months after his death I was looking through some family pictures. A few tears were falling, and Laura came into the room. She asked me why I was crying, and I explained about missing my dad, her papa.
    She sat down beside me, and was quiet. A few minutes later she said "Papa died and he is in heaven now, with Jesus, right?" I nodded yes. Laura then said "well, that is pretty awesome to be with Jesus!" My tears immediately stopped, and I took a minute to thank God for Laura's wisdom. No need to complicate things, Laura understood what was important!