Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas is Coming!

So what it Santa bringing Ayden Jane for Christmas?  We have a pretty good handle on things...

First up, she has asked Santa for an American Girl doll.  Ummmm.  Way too expensive for us, but a friend was looking for a new home for one that her much older girls no longer want.  Sweet!

Next, something for our little reader.  Ayden Jane has loved learning to read and we have used the Bob Books to get her started.  She is now able read all of the first box so she will get the next set.  Also, she is struggling a little with rhyming words and there is a set of books to work specifically on rhyming so those are headed our way too.  Anyone looking for a way to introduce reading to their little ones can't go wrong with the Bob Books.  All 4 of my kids loved them.  Well, loved learning to read with them.

Ayden Jane does enjoy popping beads together and building things so we decided it was time to upgrade the few things she has like that.  We chose not to go the lego route and instead go with  Zoobs. We got the giant bucket so she can build with her friends C and C :)  I can't wait to see the crazy things they all come up with.

Since we live in SC and the weather is good for outdoor fun most of the year I always like to get outdoor toys for the kids.  Ayden Jane has actually used her little scooter so much that she has worn it out, so a new razor scooter will arrive with flashing wheels!  That should be fun on dark winter evenings.  Not to mention safer!

There will be a few other things along the way but I am thinking Santa is off to a good start.  It is always interesting to balance getting toys that are just for fun and getting the therapy type things we could use.  I know that AJ will be ready for a new bike soon, but I think she needs to put a bit more effort into riding her current bike.  Since we can get outside so much of the year we have not gone to the Kinect type system.  I know that some of our PWS friends to the north use them a lot to keep the kids moving. 

I am noticing that Ayden Jane needs more activity in her day.  Luckily she likes to walk and I think running is in her future.  It is hard, though when school takes up a large part of the day and then it gets dark so early.  I look forward to when she can get further involved in a swimming program and things like that.  (yes, I just get tired of doing all her exercise with her:)  She is so close!


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