Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life is not just PWS

So I really do my best to keep this blog about Ayden Jane and PWS because, well, that's it's intent.  Hopefully, there is some benefit to some family along the way who has taken time to read.  Life, however, is not solely about PWS. 

As we navigate and worry about all things PWS related, other stuff happens too.  Our kids have been blessed to have four grandparents who love them dearly.  They pray for them and spoil them.  Their lives are tremendous examples of how to live and love.  Combined they add up to about 120 years of marriage!! 

On my side, my father is a fair ways down the Alzheimer's path.  It is rough road with many casualties.  His health is okay but his life is frustrating.  He is a Marine.  He was a very successful business man.  He was the guy in charge and he commanded respect just by his demeanor.  He was a numbers guy.  He was an athlete.  Inside he is still all those things but he now lives in a very uncooperative body as his mobility is failing him.  The connections in his brain from the disease makes communication very hard.  My mom shows the meaning of commitment and love rolled into one with how she cares for him.  I know that her heart breaks daily for him and that she must miss him terribly even though he is right in front of her. 

Gary's mom passed away this past weekend at age 84.  She and his dad, if you include dating, had been together for 72 years!  They still held hands as though they had only been dating a short time and they laughed constantly.  She was not in great health, but it was still a sudden loss.  He was serving her breakfast when she had a heart attack.  A short time later in the ICU she was gone.

So this Christmas season we will say goodbye to Grandma G here on earth but rest in the knowledge that she has a new, healthy body as she dances in Heaven.  Gary will travel to TX for the services and speak as his Mom requested.  I will stay here and enjoy my parents 57th anniversary with them, with dinner followed by a candle light service at church.

They have truly left a legacy of love and commitment and family for Gary and I and for all four of our kids to witness.  We are blessed.

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