Saturday, December 7, 2013

Silly AJ

Ayden Jane is still on Augmentin for an upper respiratory infection.  What happens to this kiddo when she is sick is a little crazy.  Basically, she started the Augmentin on Monday after showing her telltale signs of illness the previous weekend after 2 weeks of congestion.  Tuesday did not show much difference.  Wednesday was a meltdown of epic proportions.

I got a call from the school nurse.  She had Ayden Jane in her office complaining of a headache.  Her temp was 99, ears looked good...  I told her that she had been on antibiotic since Monday and I would be picking her up soon anyway (PT day) so just let her go back to class and I will get there.  I arrived and peeked in the window.  Ayden Jane was playing with some blocks and seemed fine.  Once we cleaned up and grabbed her things I touched her.  Holy cow she was roasting!  Of course she had decided to wear a sweater and the weather turned hot...  Didn't occur to her to take off the sweater! 

We got home and I asked her to take off the sweater to cool off for a few minutes while she had a snack before PT.  You would have thought that I shot her!!  It was a fight I had to pick because she needed to cool down.  She does not have temperature regulation issues typically (many kids with PWS do) but I think her body was just working so hard to fight off the infection and the added sweater on a 60+ degree day was just overheating her.  She refused her snack and argued and cried for nearly an hour!  Luckily it was a 90 day evaluation day which meant that mostly Jen and I just needed to chat.  Eventually she ate a few bites and then fell sound asleep for 2 hours.  When she woke up she was cool and fine...

She finished out the week gaining a bit of steam each day.  Fast forward to today and she is a whole new kiddo!  She dictated one of our super long walks and she was cracking me up the entire way.  She was funny and conversational.  I love when her wit shines through.  When we got back I sat down and had a drink.  She came over next to me and asked for a sip.  I gave it to her and she informed me there wasn't much left.... That was a hint that she was going to finish it off.  She asked what I was going to do if she didn't give it back.  I said I would sit on her.  She giggled and said that if I sat on her she would die and I didn't want her to be dead right?  So I should go get my own darn drink out of the fridge.  Ha!  That was my own darn drink!

It is good to have her heading back to full steam. 

I have to say, on the sad side, her belly is definitely distended.  Her gut gets so stinking thrown off by the antibiotics but they will be done soon.  Hopefully I can get that belly back on track soon.

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