Thursday, December 19, 2013

Typical Kindergartener

Yesterday I had to go out of town for a few hours. Noah was in charge starting about 1:30 for PT and had her until about 6 pm.  In Ayden Jane's terminology it was a Noah day.  She loved it.  Noah helped out with PT and then took Ayden Jane to soccer with him.  He wanted to play pick up but wasn't sure how she would hang.  Apparently she was awesome.  Afterwards he took her to a local pizza and sub shop where he got her the special supper he designed for her last summer, (he works there) a meatball, grilled onions, peppers and cheese.  I was back at about 6 and AJ was in the bath tub chatting away and happy as a clam.  She finished up and wanted Noah to help her get dressed because he had promised they could take the dogs for a walk.  What a great brother!  He was technically off duty, but humored her and away they went.

When I asked him how AJ was he said she was great for him.  That she is so easy to take anywhere.   I'd have to agree with him.  She has been so incredibly easy lately.  Her brain is thinking clearly and quickly.  Her energy is way up.  Seemingly no afternoon lull.

Today I went to Ayden Jane's Christmas party at school.  I wasn't really planning on it but they decided to have a pizza party and Ayden Jane wanted me to make pizza she could eat it with her friends...  How do you say no to that??

While there, I watched her completely fit in.  I know that sounds like a strange thing to say (unless, of course you have a kiddo with some extra stuff going on) but a friend called her over to meet her little brother, she chatted with the other kids, she moved about the classroom with ease, she picked up the juice box she knew she could not have and gave it back to the room mom saying with a grin,  "you know I can't have this.  What were you thinking?" 

A couple of her friends passed out goody bags with candy and she brought them over to me.  She pointed to the different candies and decided which ones each of her siblings would get.  Just thrilled to have something to give them and not even a thought or care about eating them. 

The chaos of 23 students filled with Christmas excitement was not even the slightest issue for her.  You have no idea how that blows my mind.  This kid just keeps defying all the odds and she doesn't even know it :)  She is just being a typical Kindergartener...