Monday, December 2, 2013


For Thanksgiving, Gary had to work so the kids and I were off to Grandma's house.  We brought some of the Thanksgiving meal and Grandma made some and together we pulled off a nice supper.  My little meat eater was very happy with the turkey leg!!

There was a time when I stressed over Thanksgiving (or any big meal for that matter) and I suppose there will come a time again one day when big holiday meals will be a concern.  For now I can honestly say it was really stress free!  Ayden Jane had her turkey leg, some green bean casserole, a few mashed potatoes (a treat for her) and some applesauce and thought she was queen for the day.  She enjoyed the big family meal with her college siblings home and Grandpa and Grandma.  Honestly, she had eaten breakfast but basically skipped lunch with all the excitement.  There were a few pies to choose from when desert time came, but Ayden Jane was very excited about her ice cream so a few scoops of that and she was basically done for the day.  It was a breeze.
After the feast (as AJ calls it) the kids put up Grandma's Christmas tree for her.  (or played in the box)

Just love this one of Kayla and Ayden Jane.

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