Thursday, December 5, 2013

Interim Report

Kindergarten report cards are basically boxes with checks or 'x's' and general comments about how the kiddo is doing.  It was great to get Ayden Jane's sheet with lots of checks showing she has learned every skill she is supposed to by now.  Her teacher goes a little further and does a quick assessment with the kids to give a little more information on how the reading skills are coming.

In the first picture the highlighted things are all the ones she got correct!  This page shows she knows all the letters and the sounds.  She also read most all of the sight words she is supposed to know!  She informed me as we were looking at it that she now knows how to read do and see so she will get them all next time.  (of course they'll be different...)  The second page shows she still does not get rhyming words and is just starting to get syllables but she did great on sounding out the consonant/vowel/consonant words!  I'll take it!
She is learning so much and is so happy at school.  I wish every year could be this awesome!


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