Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crazy Kid

Yesterday I was cleaning and I removed sofa cushions.  Much to my surprise I found a months supply of probiotics!  (yes, that means I have not properly cleaned in a month...)  A lot of things suddenly began to make sense!

I noticed Ayden Jane's belly distending a bit.  I started to slack off on the iron because it can back you up.  I added back in a gummy probiotic.  I started to push fluids...  All little things that usually get things going again.  Jen even noticed it last week at PT and commented.  At first she thought there was some lumbar curve thing going on then she realized it was just reactive of the big belly!  I was still just scratching my head!

After the good, long, hard swim in the pool she had some relief.  Major pipes emptied and stomach flat.  Well, here we are Wed. of the following week and it's back!

Now to be fair, she also had a cold 2 1/2 weeks ago that she hasn't been able to shake.  We went in to see the pediatrician and are on Augmentin.  It is awful!!  She is miserable and a terror.  Today was the first meltdown I have seen in months.  She actually did not really want food, she is just so argumentative and emotional.  Soooo hoping she shakes it tomorrow because I am not sure how much longer I can handle it!

I brought her home today and she was sweating and complaining her head hurt.  Well, it was hot out and she would not take off her sweater!  I made her take it off to cool down and you would think I took off her right leg!  She refused to have a snack and she argued ...  After she cooled down and fell asleep for a good long nap she woke of much better.  It is amazing how everything gets thrown off, even the ability to regulate body temperature!

Hoping that tomorrow brings a breakthrough in the infection and some relief for us all!

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