Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ayden Jane's Surprise

Here is the video of Ayden Jane opening the surprise "from Dr. Miller" (remember I asked Dr. M if I could use her in an elaborate scheme to get AJ to drink water at school) Ayden Jane spent a couple weeks drinking an entire water bottle of water at school and thought that I was reporting each day to Dr. M. The kid just needed a little extra push and since she will do almost anything for Dr. M it worked like a charm!

I had told her that if she kept it up and stuck to her bargain of not drinking any fake sugar drinks except on her one day a week Dr. M would send her a surprise. In reality, I found a cute water bottle on sale and really wanted Ayden Jane be excited over the Hint waters so I packaged them up and told her they were from Dr. M.  I figured it was about time Dr. M got to be the good guy in all of this.:) Here is the result and many thanks to Dr. M for playing along. I think we can safely say we have made the transition to drinking water and have left the majority of the artificial sweeteners behind.  Yahoo!!

Ayden Jane's surpise

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