Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fake Sugar

Okay, so it's confession time. Although I have done a good job keeping artificial sweeteners - fake sugars as Ayden Jane calls them - out of AJ's food, I have failed as it comes to drinks. I have known that they are not good for AJ but have rationalized my way through because she absolutely will not drink water.

Dr. M sent me an article the other day about fake sugar and the negative effects both short term and particularly long term.  She asked me to read through it with Ayden Jane as the answer to all AJ's questions about fake sugar. Then let AJ know she wants Ayden Jane off them completely!  Yikes!! And by off them she means all of them. No rationalizing that this one is better than that one...

So, I talked through all of it with Ayden Jane. You see that means no more diet green tea at home. No more vitamin waters, no more life waters.... Dr M suggested something called Hint waters. They are EXPENSIVE but are sweetener free.  As to what they are slightly (thus hint) flavored with I have no idea what but are not sweet at all. There is no sweetness to the taste but there is a mild taste.  I don't get it...  Luckily, I found 2 flavors at a store up the road and Ayden Jane gave them the thumbs up.  Whew.

Now Ayden Jane was ready to make a deal with Dr. M. No more fake sugars at home but when we go out to eat she can have the usual...  It was a nice try, but Dr. M gave her a counter offer. She could have fake sugars once in a "great while" when we go out.  Of course, "great while" had to be defined for little miss AJ. The answer brought tears... twice a month at most. Ayden Jane and I talked and negotiated and we compromised on once a week. I figure that is a huge win for me in that it really will add up to a big reduction. Dr. M told her she was proud of her for doing her best.

That's when Ayden Jane really got to me. AJ's response to Dr. M: I love you and I will do my best. I know you are just keeping me safe and healthy. I told Dr. M, I wish I could have gotten a picture of the expression on Ayden Jane's face as she said that. Just picture sad-heavyburdened-determinedtomakeyouproud-feelingloved. 

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