Saturday, December 13, 2014

Making Progress

Major breakthroughs in liquid happening here. I know to the average person, getting a child to drink water is not a great feat. I can say that my other kids like water and drink lots of it. Then there is Ayden Jane. I don't understand why but I know it can be a PWS thing to just not like water. Not sure if it is the taste, the texture or something totally different but the combination of not really being thirsty (thanks again PWS) and truly not liking water makes it rough.

When younger and tougher to explain things to, drinking water was just not happening. I wish I could have avoided the use (and addiction) to 'fake sugars' along with all the rationalizing about which ones were more acceptable than others... Not sure if I had it to do again I would be able to do it differently.

On the flip side, so glad we took the stand now. Somehow the timing seems just right! We had two great accomplishments on this front this week.

First, we wanted to go out to eat at a favorite, local, family owned restaurant. We have been many times and Ayden Jane would drink diet coke or iced tea with splenda. We told her we wanted to go but we were just drinking water. She started to balk and come up with ways around...  I just told her we wanted to go but if she could not handle just drinking water than we just wouldn't go. She looked at Gary - She looked at Noah. Both just told her they were just drinking water too. She finally looked back and me and said, "sure we can do that." Again, I know it sounds a little lame to be excited about such things but asking a 7 year old to give up special things and stick to MORE dietary rules can be rough. Honestly, she took about 3 sips of water the entire meal but at least there was no complaining!

Second, on our walk home from school yesterday Ayden Jane was finishing up her water bottle. She had a fun busy day at school and had not had a chance to drink it all. As she was walking and checking to be sure Dr. M would still count it if she drank it on the way home she said, "you know Mom, I like the other stuff better but actually water is not terrible if you give it a chance."

Who knew, just getting her to buy in, a little bribing, nearly dehydrating and a solid week of water being our biggest goal in life would create the necessary breakthrough!  Whew!

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