Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year

The change of year is always an interesting time. It is a time I enjoy the fact that I have written throughout the year because it is so fun to look back to what was going on last year, the year before... Amazing how time goes on!

I see 2014 ending more than just 2014. It is ending with such hope. I will try to explain what I am seeing/feeling when I look at Ayden Jane these days.

In the fall three years ago Ayden Jane's journey took a sharp turn. Up until that point Ayden Jane was so lean and active and healthy... Then the very first illness that either uncovered or started her immune issues set in. So began the "winter of infection". It took about four months for us to finally clear her body of infection. Left in it's wake were high IGF-1 levels, crazy blood sugar drops, labs all out of whack and added weight we did not need. Recovery took removal of adenoids, discoveries that vaccinations did not even take and crazy results from some labs.

Just as all began to even out, fall came and colds sent us back down a similar path. Experience helped us fight illness more effectively but it still took so much out of Ayden Jane and she tirelessly worked each time to get back to health. With each round we added a bit more weight than we could get off but onward we charged.

This was our pattern for three years! It broke my heart every time!

So why do I have hope that this will change? We have found something that has filled the gap in Ayden Jane's immune system.  It is the last day of December and Ayden Jane has stayed entirely antibiotic free! She has had a couple of colds that ran a totally normal course and then she recovered just like any other healthy kiddo. I cannot find words to describe what a miracle this is to me. I lived in fear of the next cold that would turn to a sinus infection or pneumonia and lead Ayden Jane back down that path.

As part of that and definitely magnified by the use of artificial sweeteners there was a constant challenge of balancing blood sugars. Ayden Jane required something to eat about every 2 1/2 hours and I was constantly watching to see that she did not crash.

Now, no artificial sweeteners and a working immune system and the addition of some MCT oil (which she previously could not handle) and I don't know how to express what I see. That spunky little kiddo that I had up until 3 years ago has returned. That may sound odd as Ayden Jane has accomplished so much in those 3 years but there is just a difference. She is a determined soul by nature but there is such a spark and an ease about her now. So much less stress surrounding our days and nothing but possibilities on the horizon. I see 2015 as the year Ayden Jane takes off. No more set backs. Just soaring to new heights.

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