Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pirate Voyage

I went on the first grade field trip today with Ayden Jane.  Her teacher asked if I could go because it was a dinner theatre sort of thing. Just imagine pirate acrobats, sea lions, Christmas story....  And lots more combined. The kids loved it

I was there basically to manage Ayden Jane food wise. The menu was pirate fare, all things eaten with fingers:cheese biscuit, potato wedge, chicken leg, corn on the cob and a cookie. They served the kids either coke or water to drink. Obviously AJ had water.

We knew the menu ahead of time so Ayden Jane had asked if I could bring her a couple things to replace what she couldn't eat. We are working on independence so it asked her what she thought. She decided I should bring a cheese stick and a square of dark chocolate.  She said she thought she could have the chicken and corn on the cob and cheese stick for supper and eat the dark chocolate when everybody had a cookie.  I thought it was a great plan and Ayden Jane did great.

The potato wedge was actually a half a seasoned baked potato.  Ayden Jane asked me about it and I told her that potatoes are a lot of carbs. She asked if it would shoot up her insulin and make her feel bad and not enjoy the show. I told her I didn't think it would cause too much insulin but that she really hasn't eaten potatoes before. She decided she would like just a piece of it to be safe and she thought she'd be okay because she wasn't even eating any fruit.  I told her that was great thinking and she did great!

I love watching her learn to navigate these sorts of things so well and set herself up to feel good and have a great time.

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