Sunday, December 21, 2014

Good Stuff

Ayden Jane has done an amazing job of not even trying to back out of her deal with the 'fake sugars' and water drinking.  As a result her hunger, which was not really a problem before, has subsided even more. Here are 3 examples:

Thursday: AJ had a full day of school with Christmas party, games, extra recess... and then she stayed after school for a club she goes to for another hour.  When she got home she asked for a cheese stick and some cherries.  Fair enough. After her snack we went for a 'run'. She was tired and we walked more than we ran, but we still covered 2 miles. A little while after we got back Ayden Jane asked about supper. It was definitely past when she is used to supper. I told her Gary would be home in a few minutes so she could choose to wait for him and we would all eat together or I could go ahead and fix her something. She chose to wait. A few minutes turned into an hour. Ayden Jane got tired of waiting and decided to just go to bed (about 7) with no supper.

Friday: AJ had another full crazy day at school with a pajama party for the Polar Express, games, extra recess, art... all fun stuff. She came home and skipped after school snack and waited for supper until 6.

Saturday: Ayden Jane woke up about 6:30 as usual. The odd thing was she was in no hurry at all for breakfast. Now that's a miracle!!

Add to that a bit of an increase in energy (possibly boosted by the start of MCT oil today, but it was just a 1/4 tsp):

Sunday: She played 'cross country' with her babies before church.  Yep, she was running laps around the house (outside) taking turns with each baby. I have no idea how many laps she ran, but I know it was a lot. After church she swam for a couple hours and I thought she would be toast.  Nope, she came and asked me if we could take the dogs on a long dog walk.  Ummm no, but we can do a short one (as in a mile and a half) before candle light service. Off we dashed back out the door. Came home and from dog walking, and off to candle light service at church. You would think she would sit calmly with all that activity. NOPE. She wiggled and fidgeted her way through. We just got home and she is currently giving her babies rides on a stuffed horse all through the house. I honestly do not know when she will turn off this evening. I hope it's soon because I am tired!!

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