Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Return to School

I will back up and post some video of roller skating and other fun stuff we did over break but since my computer is in the shop and I'm not good at doing all that from the iPad I will move on to the return to school.

Ayden Jane has been getting frustrated with a program called accelerated reader. In this program the kids read books and then take tests to earn points. Her school does a great job with rewards and Ayden Jane wants in on those points!

She has done okay ona couple books but is struggling a little. My guess is that she is in a hurry to get points and does not read the questions carefully...  Then she gets so upset when she doesn't get enough answers correct.

She told me about it a few weeks ago but I did not communicate how frustrated she is with it to her teacher like I should have. So yesterday when she came out of the building she burst into tears. We talked through it and decided to go chat with her resource teacher. Her classroom teacher, mrs. C, would totally help too but since AJ has an iep but has yet to ever need support I thought I'd see if she wanted to tackle this one. Honestly I think AJ just needs to slow down and do a few well to get the hang of it. Then she should be fine.

In the meantime she will go at the end of the day to mrs. R's room and reread the book with her or the assistant and then they will listen to her take the computer test. Basically, make AJ read it out loud so she will slow down.  The cool thing is mrs. R has not started the program with her kids so Ayden Jane is going to "teach" her all about it.

This is all a perfect example of why Ayden Jane is doing so well. She is absolutely determined to keep up with the other kids in her class. It does not matter to AJ how hard it is sometimes she will find a way to achieve the same things!  Sure it's sad to see her cry, but I can't help but be amazed as the tears are never combined with thoughts of giving up. Just an expression of needing help to form a new plan. 

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