Monday, December 15, 2014

The Running Bug

I think Ayden Jane has caught the running bug. She has talked about running a few times and even ventured out to run a bit. She just wasn't sold. She would say when I am older...

Yesterday we were hanging around the house and Ayden Jane said she wanted to run a real race where she wore a number and ran with lots of other kids. I told her she had to at least be able to run a whole mile without stopping and then we could look for one.

She responded by saying well then lets go do it. Yep. She ran the entire mile and chattered away the whole time. She was quite proud of herself and is laying plans to keep working and get to run her first real race.

I am thinking about giving her entrance to a local race and a Fitbit to help with training for Christmas. Well, the race entrance is definite - still thinking about the Fitbit.

I am hoping to capitalize on the big kids being home and taking turns running with Ayden Jane. Maybe taking her to various places to keep it interesting. If they don't buy in I guess it will be a busy couple months of training for me!

I enjoy when Ayden Jane decides to do these sorts of things and challenges herself. That determination and drive makes me crazy sometimes but it truly is an awesome asset to Ayden Jane. She has no concept of a challenge too big to conquer. She just fearlessly takes things head on and is then so proud of herself when she accomplishes them.

I guess we are off and running!

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  1. OMG, the fitbit will be just perfect for her! Since she takes her care so seriously, I'm guessing she will love to see those steps add up, and will love to earn those cool badges that they give you for achieving steps and floors (there are a couple of fitbit models that do not track floors, but tracking floors is super fun, too!)
    And running? Because she chooses to? She's just too awesome for words, really! :-)