Monday, February 27, 2012

AJ Still Looking Up

Well, we are 10 days post antibiotics and all still is looking good.  It is great to see her energy return and awesome to see her body composition slowly shifting back to 'typical'.  The most fun, though is the little personality is back.

Here's her little trick from yesterday.  She wakes up at night and comes in with me.  In the morning she is awake and ready to go long before I am, at least on weekends...  She will wake me up and ask me to turn on the TV.  This works well for both of us because if it is just too early I will tell her to go back to sleep, but at 6:30 some shows she likes come on.  This Sat. I turned the TV on and rolled over.  A bit later Ayden Jane whispered to me in my pseudo sleep, "Mom, can we go out in the living room when Monkey George is all done?"  Seemed reasonable to me so I said sure.  Ayden Jane then giggled and said, "Good.  Monkey George is all done mom!"  I looked up and sure enough, the music was playing and the credits starting to roll.  She totally set me up!!

Oh, and yes, I found it hilarious and we had quite the tickling/wrestling/giggling match before we headed out.

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