Saturday, February 11, 2012

What a Week

So Monday we started the Augmentin.  The big guns for sinus infection.  Tue. Ayden Jane felt great and she had a BIG busy day.  Then Wednesday came.  It was a little scary.

I took her to school Wed. morning and when I picked her up they said she had a rough day.  It was our day for PT and Ayden Jane was excited, but by the time Jen came (1:00) she was out of control.  Sort of like when you are crazy over tired but just can't sleep.  We just abandoned PT for the day and moved on to a 90 day review which we needed to do next week anyway.

I put her down for a nap and she woke up really 'out of it'.  She tried to play a bit, but cried over nothing for like 20 minutes.  She would try to tell us something but between the stuttering and the slurring I couldn't get it and I don't think she could even remember what she was saying.  She finally came around to a bit around 5:30 or 6 so we went ahead to Noah's basketball game.  She was fine there for a little while then became clingy and fell sound asleep in the screaming gym.  I couldn't really wake her after the game and when we got home and due to concerns over adrenal insufficiency I decided to give her a dose of steroid.

Next morning she woke up pretty well so off to school she went.  The afternoon was similar, but not as severe. It is Sat. and we are on the same pattern, but getting a bit stronger every day.

Dr. Miller was kind enough to call me during all the mess.  LOTS of theories were thrown about and questions asked.  In the end we believe that she has some adrenal insufficiency and is just going to take a lot of time to get over all of this illness she has been fighting.  Not exactly sure why Wed. was so bad, but guessing that the combination of sinus infection, worn down body and burning up all the reserves on crazy Tue.

It is so strange to be trying to keep her slowed down today.  I feel like for the last 4 years, the goal was to keep moving at every opportunity.  Almost with a fervency, like missing one opportunity to move and groove and work on PT was going to have catastrophic effects.  Now, suddenly, she asks, can we go to the play ground?  No.  Can we go swimming? No.  You get the picture.  It is working though.

In the end, this winter has been hard on her body.  She had a lean, athletic body going into winter.  Not so much any more.  She likely needs more gh, but we can't because the illness had made a mess of her labs.  Now I have to slow her down.  uggg.

The last big surprise of the week is that her allergy testing has eosinophils at 8.9 and IGe levels over 400.  These scream highly allergic kid, however, even her blood testing for allergies show her to be allergic to nothing.  The allergist/immunologist is baffled.  I am hoping that the augmentin will kick this sinus infection for good and in the end the allergy testing won't matter.  Sort of like, just a miss firing immune system.

Whew.  There's more, but it will have to wait.

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